22 January 2009

Is Sam Adams Set to Resign?

1923.Just heard on KPOJ: A news report where Steve Duin related a despairing Mayor Adams, and guesses that he may be on the verge of resignation.

Am I mad at Sam for lying? You bet.

Am I torn about him possibly resigning? You bet.

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Dale said...

I hope not. I want him to stay in and bury this nonsense -- bury it as in see that it is dead and dance on its grave, not as in hiding it. That's probably not realistic.

We really need to get past this dynamic. It's getting us nowhere. I think we're in the painful part of a transition to something better, where this will no longer be a cheap-easy way to take someone down. I hope so.


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

I'm still torn. I don't think that Sam's dalliance is enough to make it necessary for him to go.

But it was that amazing breach of trust and Sam's complete willingness to tell a story that was at once untrue and would have all of us who believed in him go swiftly to his defense.

I'm not sure why I'm taking this so personally. I know that "all politicians lie" (actually, they don't, but the modern jaded voter isn't likely to believe that, are they?). And he didn't lie directly to me, truly.

But I fancy myself an advocate for gay rights (even though I'm straight), and I feel keenly that he's contributed to the incorrect stereotype of the gay man as a predator. Certainly I'm not the sort who goes out on protests and stuff like that due to this low-paying odd-times-for-job-having life I lead, but I have entered into some spirited private discussions. Sam handed these people a point, also a point to every person who ever checked out of the process because "every politican lies". I really believed in Sam.

Add that to the shattered trust and while I certainly can get over the sex-with-a-barely-legal I'm having much more trouble getting over indirectly being used as a "useful idiot" by someone who was cynical enough to know people like me would stick up for him.

I kinda hope he doesn't resign only because I don't know anyone else who could fill in for him now.