07 January 2009

Linotype's Free FontExplorerX Is Going Pro ... Get It While It's Still Free

1895.A real crowd-pleaser of recent times in the font-management arena, certainly at least partly because it delivered a lot of functionality and was free, was Linotype's FontExplorerX.

The free love affair has come to an end.

The newest version of FontExplorerX, called FontExplorerX Pro, is available until 28 Feb at a reduced license price of USD $39, and after that USD $79. It's now a member of a product line that includes a server version as well.

Your info source is fontexplorerx.com.

If, OTOH, if you'd like to nab a copy of FontExplorerX 1.23 for Mac archiving, which is still free, you can go here. There is also a link to the Win version from that page.

It will be available there until it isn't, whenever that happens. Downside: as far as support, you're probably on your own.

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