24 January 2009

Photobucket Sabotage?

1926.Did this happen to anyone else?

Photobucket hosts some of the content I use as illustrations here. Eariler today, I noticed a problem  with my header image ... it wasn't loading. So I tried going to the album in PB that hosts it and found that Firefox was being redirected.

Not anything else. Tried Opera and Safari. Just Firefox.

The redirection took me to a page that swore that my hard drive was infected and that it needed a cleaning, and a download sheet that I couldn't opt out of.

But after I cleared private data, it stopped. I of course reinstalled Firefox.

Not a problem since.

BTW, Crackers? Do I have your attention? Yes, most people have WindowsXP, but not everyone, you savvy? If you're going to have a fake virus scan display take over a web browser, we OS X users can tell a WinXP interface when we see it. At least make the effort to make the infterface experience look all OS X-y, okay?

Not only did your hack not work on me, it makes you look like you're phoning it in.

C'mon, you dips ... a little artistry, yes?

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