07 January 2009

Interesting Map Design: The Interstate Highway Grid, Simplified

1894.And, to raise the tone a bit from the sombre, here's a stumbled-on find. In 2007, graphical artist Chris Yates must have read a description of the numbering system of the US Interstate Highway net and said to himself gee, that sounds like it should be represented on a funkily-styled grid. And that's just what he did:

Here's where you can view it bigly.

Travel your USA ... schematically.

This is Chris Yates' page. Nifty!

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of this grid, but as an original east-coaster transplanted west, I don't like that some of my favorite Interstates get cut off on the right. Why does San Francisco get that little nubbin of I-80 but cities where I lived look like they don't exist? For example, Williamsburg, VA is on I-64 (east of Richmond); in fact, I think 64 ends in Virginia Beach. And I know that I-40 ends in Wilmington, NC because my house was just off the final exit . . . for the whole country. There was even a mileage sign for Barstow, California, which DOES appear on the grid: http://www.interstate-guide.com/images001/i-040_et_08.jpg I demand a regrid!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Why was Virginia Beach VA omitted? That's a good question. Perhaps the designer didn't think that the city was significant. Maybe he just overlooked it. I don't think anyone can overlook San Fran.

With one notable exception, though (Las Vegas), all cities on the map are cities which lie on grid intersections or termini. Any city that doesn't happen on one (with again, the exception of Las Vegas ... maybe the designer has some gambling debts) didn't get included, and that logic is 99% consistent in the design.

You know what I miss? Interstates with a directioal suffix. Until the mid-70s, I-84 here in PDX was I-80N. I liked that designation.

And give him credit ... he didn't include the hated I-99. Road fans still want to hang Bud Shuster in effigy over that one!