08 January 2009

A Smoke-Free Dutch Mafia!

1899.One of the more popular bits of Dutch Bros Coffee ephemera is the "Dutch Mafia" sticker, showing a sunglass-wearing mook puffing on a cigar with the words "Dutch Mafia" in the company's signature Peignot Bold font.

Funny, gets the point across. We drink only the Bros here. Capsice?

But with the new year a lot of people make a new start, and that includes our Dutch Mafia enforcer:

It is just me, or does he seem a little more cheeful now?

Well, for my money, if you're going to obsess over coffee instead of cigars, that would be my choice!

And those of you who have a Dutch Mafia fellow smoking a cigar ... congratulations! You have a collector's item now.

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Anonymous said...

That's not a "cigar."

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Hmm. Maybe, Maybe.

The typical image of a Mafia mook doesn't have anything to do with a J.

But it sure looks like one, yes it does.