08 January 2009

Don't Think Of A Bear

1897.(h/t to the indispensable Larry Fire for this visual treat). In the last discourse I challenged you to dare to view the secret hiddent in the FedEx logo (if you didn't know it) but didn't refer to it (and still wont) because as the blogger I linked to correctly observed, once you see it you cannot unsee it (well, at least not without a conscious effort).

Today I have another visual joke, but it's not so distracting.

Many of us enjoy Toblerone (indeed it is yummy). But there is a reference to the birthplace of the world-famous candy hidden in the logo. The logo of Toberone combines a distinctive type treatment and color scheme with a high-contrast representation of the Matterhorn – that iconic Swiss peak on the Italian frontier in the Pennine Alps (for those of you who like climbing, it's a "fourteener"):

If you know the history of Toblerone, you know it was born in Berne, Switzerland. It is said that the name of the city was inspired by a bear (der Bär, in German) that the city's founder killed in the area, and you're probably already seeing the visual joke. Since I told you what to look for, then you probably are now seeing it. But if you don't see it yet, let's zoom in on the mountain:

... and here's the bear:

The Matterhorn's steep sides usually allow for very little snow to cling to the sides, giving a variegated surface that lends itself easily to such graphic trompe l'oeil.

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