13 January 2009

Photos From Portland's Left Bank

1911.Scenes from a very long walk down the Eastbank Esplanade on a winter evening. There's some good stuff here ... I think it would be definitely worth inclusion in a calendar.

The only problem was, I didn't bring my tripod, and the camera, the ViviCam 3705 a/k/a the Plastic Fantastic, isn't all that sophisticated (it was when we got it, but the world has moved on). However, a little jiggle produces a very romantic blur:

And of course the streaks of light from moving cars and such are an artistic bonus.

There are some times that a jiggling camera produce these wonderful emotionally-moving alternate worlds:

Notice the dotted line of the flashing bike-light there? Like I said, a bonus.

The sun kept going down, and the night-time beauty just kept coming out:

Aren't the reflections on the river rather romantic?

And now, the Steel Bridge again:

And the Burnside Bridge:

And the Morrison, with the beautiful indigo lights courtesty the Willamette Light Brigade (I have their 2009 calendar in the studio this year):

And one with a focus on the downtown skyline, too:

I wonder what I could do with a much newer camera. My friends have such cameras. One word: covet.

But I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing here. Just want a better camera!

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Dale said...

Even though I see these same sights nearly every day -- or maybe it's because of that -- I like these a lot. Well done.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thank you, Dale.

I tell you, I'm a native Oregonian and I've lived in Portland for a long time now, and looking at this city juse never gets old for me.