08 February 2009

Shout Out To Followers

1939.The new Blogger service called "Following" means you can actual visible supporters, and I (suprisingly enough) have gathered a few.

I want to thank you all for stepping up and saying I'm worth keeping tabs on:

  • Dale, of Faith In Honest Doubt, who's just plain fun to read.
  • Stan (Dinglemunch) and his wife Nicole (Coley Boley), our favorite expat Milwaukiean and his life's love. I really should read you guys more than I do. You're quite good.
  • Smoky Banjo, a very funny fellow I met over at MyDamnChannel
  • Dustin Williams. This fellow was very much a pleasant surprise, because I've never met him. He lives in Memphis (yes, the one in Tennessee)
  • Dan Christensen. This is a real find, this one. He writes the blog TriMet Confidential, and he's a bus driver. Fascinating human stories, very loose "story-teller" vibe. People should read this. Get to know the routes from the other side. You've heard that the life of a TriMet driver is an interesting one, well, now you'll understand how.
I know not how the last two of you found me, but I'm glad you did. Thanks for the encouragement!

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Dale said...

No, thank you!