07 February 2009

Bridges and Signs

1937.Seen about lately:

Don't know why ...

... There's no sun up in the sky ...

... stormy weather ...

Those heavy clouds just above the buildings are poetically beautiful. Also, it looks like they are going to eat them.

At the west end of the Hawthorne Bridge there's a sign at SW 1st and Main that just seems to quinessentially PDX:

I mean, they pretty much skate everywhere, yes, but the sign is pretty cool anyway.

The nice thing about this time of year is that a few days later, the weather will change:

The Greatest Volcano Evar taken though the front window of that little Subway just north of SE Division on 122nd Avenue. On the left, a Les Schwab Tire Center, on the right, the shabby Shell station on the corner.

Despite the crush of sprawl obscuring the landscape, this doesn't make me feel as forlorn as it ought to. Strange, that. Maybe it's the juxtaposition playing cosmic tricks with my perspective; maybe it's because "Out 122nd Way" is another way of saying "home" to me.

I'm a human; I can't help it. Cities comfort me. Especiallly Portland. Strange, but there it is.

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