13 February 2009

This Comment Made My Day, As It Should Have

1946.My Address Nerdery has garnered some really cool responses. Here's the latest and the neatest.

Referring to my definitive post on the 1928 address layout of Portland (and the Hibernia Map), today, I recieved the following comment, which was too good not to share. Credit one Valerie Jasperson for the following:
Well, not sure where any of us came from, actually, but I got to your wonderful mapnerd blog after a long search for early Portland addresses. I just finished reading "On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine", and my 101 year old book has a name written in the front with the address "684 E. 11 North, Tr 0090 Portland, Oregon." Your site did it for me! Not only am I gratified to understand the address, your blog is a great read. Rarely do I get to see the word "embiggened" in print. Love it. Also love maps. My Dad was a surveyor and later draughtsman for PGE in the 50's, and he used to bring home waste blueprints and I'd color in the lots and make mazes of them. I hated the way the paper made your hands feel dry and the ink smelled so sharp and dull at the same time, but I was captivated by the map bug, just the same. Thank you for the great old PDX info,SJK. May you always fold it right on the first try!
Publicly, you're welcome, Valerie. As I said in the response to this, one of the most thrilling things is when my obsession answers a question that someone else didn't even know they had until they found me.

The only part that mystifies me is the "Tr 0090" part. Looks like a postal code somehow, Hey! Another investigation!

Anyway, is this not cool? I can attest to the smell and feel of those prints–I have some experience making diazo prints, and actually grew to like the ammonia smell that you got assaulted with when making one, but they are hard on the fingers.

Also, On The Trail of The Lonesome Pine is a book so old not even Amazon knows about it. Must be some book!

One of the best things in a life where you are but really a cypher moving amongst a throng of cyphers is when someone else reaches out and says "thanks" for something like this. So I may be making a party out of a comment ...

... but why not?

Thanks again, Valerie.

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1 comment:

Valerie Jasperson said...

No, hey, SJ... go ahead and make a party out of the comment. I was so stoked to find your addressnerd thingie I uncorked a bottle myself! I had been searching more "official" PDX mapsites for so long I was afraid I'd not find info on addresses any older than the internets is. 'Course the problem is likely mine, being such a technonotti, myself. But yeah, I was pretty excited to find I could pinpoint that old address with your help. As to the mystery of the Tr 0090 part... yeah, I remember the "Zone 279" suffixes, pre zip code, but I'm guessing this might possibly be a Girl Scout troop number? Maybe not, but I think the woman who owned this book had it a long time. All along the borders of the last few pages (Titles Selected from Grosset & Dunlap's List, Realistic, Engaging Pictures of Life)are 19 repetitions of a child's printing, "Betty Belle Bussell". On the next page, "Dixie Lee Bussell" is laborously printed eight times. The last blank page has "Red Bussell" in a fine script hand, then Dixie Lee Bussell in the same hand five times, and on the inside of the back cover, Betty Belle Bussell, 16 times in the same lovely pencil script. Written in ink on the front flyleaf is "Betty Wolever" with the address I had been trying to trace. For some odd reason I felt compelled to research this person, and turned up nothing. At least mapnerd enabled me to pinpoint the address. And being the posterchild for ADD myself, I've been off on to 14 other things since then.

I came back to your blog today after thinking of Salt Lake City. I was lost, on a ski vacation there years ago. Coming from a town that numbered out from the river, and alphabetically in one quadrant no less, I was flummoxed by an address like 21550 North 37th East. WTF? All the natives said "Once you get used to it, it makes perfect sense!" OK, so all four streets surrounding the Mormon Temple are named 1st street, the next four out in each direction are all called 2nd... so not only is it possible to meet someone on the corner of 7th and 7th, but there's FOUR places in town that could be! OK, harmonizing with your comment about relishing the beauty of plats, I'm now going off to look up a map of Salt Lake City. Perhaps I'll feel different about it now that I'm not road-rummy and lost in the rush hour of a strange city. Ever been there, SJ? Whaddya' think of that square layout? Maybe I just need to learn to think inside the box.

I liked your cypher among cyphers image. The reaching out comes when one cypher dares to display its quirky passions and that resonates with another. The only unique gift any of us can bring to this world, is to simply live out loud. Makes the intersections interesting, no?