24 February 2009

Towards A More Postcard-Friendly Unicorn

1953.It has been pointed out to me that "UNICORNS BITCHEZ!!!111!!!" might not play so well amongst the more sophisticated amongst us (which I thought I wuz, but see how I am). So I've changed the type. Now available here for the asking, a more modest unicorn graphic with more warm and welcoming message:

Magical, yes?

I expect this to be up in the NYT within the week. It was meant to be.

Expect it in bus shelters soons after. If Travel Portland wants to use it, thaz' cool, just credit me.

NB: The Portland Photo is CC-SA-BY-2.5 licensed by Eric Baetscher. I got it from here. The unicorn graphic I scraped off my hard drive somewhere; if you recognize it, just shout out, and I'll credit.

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Alan Bluehole said...

I might still write "BITCHEZ" on the reverse and snail mail.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Alan, I would never dream of limiting your right to self-expression.

Besides, writing "BITcHEZ" on the reverse of your postcard is ... well, awesome.