14 July 2009

Ad Design FAIL: Apparently, They're Letting Any Tom, Dick, Or Harry Be Your Mom

2144.I've noticed that regardless of how people feel about the "stimulus", there's no shortage of people willing to try to make a few bucks off of being seen as somehow connected to the whole thing. I've seen "Obama's stimulus this" and "Obama's stimulus that" all over the place: phone poles, roadside signs, and banner ads:

You understand that the face of an African-American man is being used here to promote moms being encouraged to return to school?

Call me sexist if you want, but I think that, all else being equal, a mom is usually a lady-type person.

Or are they just thinking that they throw any black person's face in there and I'll think its President Obama?

Banner ads, my patience with you is rather short. I've learned to accept you because I have no choice. Don't lord it over me, yes?

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pril said...

every ad that company places is so crappy and stupid and annoying

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

It's really an insult to the intelligence when you realize that you could take out the headline "Obama Asks Moms To Return To School" with "Obama Asks Moms To Build The Starship Enterprise" and it would more or less be the same ad.

It's ads like this that give advertising its bad name.

pril said...

i think its the same company that uses the dancing people on mortgage ads. I hate them for many reasons, but one is that the one thing has nothing to do with the other. I'm also anxiously awaiting the tooth-whitening ad blitz to end.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

You have named several of my pet peeves and chief hates. I see all these but I don't know anyone who has ever bought anything from them. How does that model support itself I wonder.