25 August 2011

[bloggage] Coming Home To The Blogger Interface (For Now, Anyway)

2666.As surprising as it seem, I'm not using ScribeFire or any browser extension to post this message. I'm using Blogger's web interface to do this.

I've used a handful of off-line blogging tools for a while, liking the word-processor-like functionality and such. First was Adobe Contribute, which was very good for a while, but just irritates me anymore. It takes too long to load posts. I can't depend on if it works this time, it'll work next time. I've tried Qumana, and used ScribeFire for a very long time. I even tried using the Flock browser (you remember the Flock browser, don't you?).

Each time I used each of the alternatives I was looking for something that the Blogger interface did not provide. Functionality, user experience, looks, ease of locating things I've wanted to have and use. And, so, I've not used the Blogger interface for a very long time.

But now I'm back, at least for now. You know how it was, when you were a kid, and that member of the opposite sex you particularly liked to torment because (boys are icky/girls are gross) and never got tired of making them suffer? And then you take a look at them one day after you age into double-digits and … hey, baby, you're looking good!

It's kind of that way now. Blogger's web interface has really grown and matures. It puts everything I need at hand and it's easy and has become very intuitive. Everything has became very easy, really, including and especially image uploading and formatting.

So for now, I'll be webbing in to post these missives. Because it's a good thing, and Blogger's like VISA … everywhere I want to be.

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Snowbrush said...

I like Blogger too, although I write my text in MS Word and move them over when I'm ready for the final draft.