18 August 2011

[pdx] Big Water Main Break On SE Foster Road … But The Art Supplies Stayed Nice And Dry

2652.Submitted for your approval: a big-ass water-main break on SE Powell Blvd at Lafayette Street, as reported by KPTV:

Water main break creates big, wet mess: A water main broke just after 3 p.m. on Wednesday at SE Lafayette and Foster Road.

Lafayette and Foster is the corner on which one of the most important art supply shop is on … I've Been Framed. But was the store ever threatend? Shucks, no! As I chatted with Mark, who runs the store in the afternoons, I found how much they care - he even makes sure the storm drain out front stays clear, and that storm drain caught all the runoff from the water main break that surfaced.

It was a considerable rupture. Big hole in SE Foster, traffic down to one lane, big pool of water down Lafayette going toward 50th Avenue (right behind IBF, as regulars know), and water draining all the way down to the corner drain at SE Rhone Street (about 1 block to the east).

But inside IBF? Dry as a bone, thanks to Mark. No water from the taps, thanks to the water main break, but that's to be expected. And access? Those of you who approached the shop from the back side (which is sometimes a bit more convenient, given the store's unique location) found that the shop was open from the back door and you could get in and get to the main part of the shop via the framing department.

So … yay, Mark!

Like IBF and Portland Independent Art Stores, or you'll disappoint me. Seriously. I may cry.

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