28 August 2011

[teh_funnay] Internet Communication - You're Doing It Wrong

2678.Just figures, just when we're all having fun with it, some killjoy comes along:
This pair of websites was created in response to the deterioration of interesting words and catchphrases. They are not intended to solve a problem, but to participate in the natural development of the English language. We intend for you to link them in AIM conversations, IRC channels, message boards, Twitter, and any another forms of textual communication, whenever someone abuses a word.
Those websites are stopsay.in and dontru.in. They take a lot on themselves. Myself, I'm torn. Some good points are made (you mean people are actually getting themselves tattoed with the Weighted Companion Cube?), but those who even indirectly attempt to influence the evolution of communication seem devoted to a Sisyphean task with about as much chance of success.

Well, I wish them luck anyway. For the win, of course.

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