25 August 2011

[OR_liff] 18 Days In Jail And He's A Freakin' Jean Valjean

2667.Welcome, my friends , to the story that never ends: Crime and Punishment, Bill Sizemore Edition.
After eighteen days of a sentence that he was released early on (that at least one report I've read said he probably shouldn't have been) due to good behavior, Ol' Bill was going all Victor Hugo on the conditions in Jail:
"I think it borders on cruel and unusual punishment," he said. "I was there 18 days and rarely ate the meals," he added. "I just ate Snickers bars out of the vending machines - to the best of my ability - and ate things other than what was on the trays because it was just too disgusting to me."
Thank God for the blueberry danishes in the machine, or it would have been total hell, I suppose. But credit KATU for going for the prize - since jail was such a hardship, will he turn his Energizer Bunny of Justice on the court system?
The meals costs taxpayers about $1.15 each and Sizemore suggested maybe they should spend more. But when we pointed out the irony in a tax activist wanting taxpayers to fork over more money for jail food, he changed his tune. He then said maybe they should just add fruit and other healthier choices.
One short jail sentence and it's Les Miz all of a sudden. 
KATU, thank you for the spot-on question.
Bill, thank you for just being you. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

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