12 August 2011

[design] What Do You Get If You Take Lorem Ipsum And Put A Bird On It?

2649.What you get, my alienated, Zooey-Deschanel-glasses-wearing, espresso-swilling friends, is Hipster Ipsum:

Keffiyeh freegan Williamsburg trust fund cliche, Stumptown single-origin coffee Pitchfork tattooed messenger bag lomo scenester. Carles trust fund bicycle rights fap. Messenger bag farm-to-table PBR aesthetic butcher trust fund. Cardigan fanny pack quinoa Terry Richardson Portland, +1 farm-to-table skateboard cred tofu hoodie craft beer salvia synth Four Loko. Fixie +1 craft beer McSweeney's, bicycle rights before they sold out Marfa. Wolf sartorial iPhone, trust fund fuck Etsy master cleanse blog. Four Loko Brooklyn High Life, mustache Wes Anderson salvia 8-bit keffiyeh hoodie fuck fap viral wolf.
And that's just one paragraph. You can haves you multiples. So get on over to Hipster Ipsum if you want your greeking delivered with a bored, hipster-glasses-adorned indie tone. 

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