06 August 2011

[bloggage] A Note In Passing About Blog Design

2642.Those of you who do come here might wonder what's up with this. Peforce, an explanation.

A couple of people I referred here couldn't make the blog load. When I surf this from the library computers, I just get a black screen. I have used the template that I used (Minima Black) for many many many years. Mount Hood was just called Hill Hood, is how long I'd been using that. 

It had occurred to me that some cruft had obviously crept into the workins. So, what the hell … saved the old header image (it is pretty sweet) and retired some gadgets that were slowing down my loading. And in Chrome, it pops right back up. Nice and swiftee.

I'm going to be experimenting with the possibilities that the Blogger Template Designer affords. I like Blogger. It makes things very easy to do and it's pretty well connected. I know this sandbox and I like playing in it. 

So I'm going to monkeying around a bit. 

Just so you all know.


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