22 August 2011

[OR_liff] The Silverton Council Recall Rebuttal FAQ

2655.Being a Silverton expat isn't easy when I try to follow the doin's in My Little Town.

One of the reasons I never returned is because history and events tend to flow around the town. While I never wanted to be in the face of the barrel of history, being 15 miles off the beaten path, seems to be similarly stultifying.

But since something somehow have gotten a significant (well, significant enough, anyhow, to rate coverage in the Statesman-Journal) number of Silvertonians to call for the political heads of what appears to be most of the City Council (no, Stu isn't in their sights, if that's what crossed your mind). Being where and what it is, Silverton news doesn't get out much to the rest of the world, so I've wondered what's gotten everyone so het-up.

Well,  judging by an FAQ released by a group obviously against the recall campaign, there's some people mighty upset about, amongst other things, the progress of an urban renewal plan that's set to reinvent downtown Silverton, and a host of other comparatively small issues, such as $20,000 to a city employee for a startup incubator project.

The most droll response, to me, was to the question as to why $25,000 wasn't spent locally to produce a website. Well, I take that point. If you can't get a local to bid on it, what else are you going to do?

Interesting reading. It's a PDF on the Oregon2020 website, here: http://2020oregon.net/docs/norecallfaq1a.pdf

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