06 August 2011

[net_liff] Lamest. Phishing. Attempt. Evar.

2641.In fairness, Phishing is a pretty lame thing all around. And the trend seems to be that of a growing thing … you know, like a rash or similar … but so many people are doing it that the creativity has been spread very thin.

In that wise, here's the … current … official lamest try ever. This is a screenclip from my email.


Yep, boyz and girlz, that's it. That's all. They aren't even trying to spoof a g-mailish address anymore, at leat they remembered to call it "Google Team", but the subject and the message body don't even matchup.

Is my Gmail Account Active Yes or No ? 

You sent it to me using Gmail, genius. What'ya think?


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