17 February 2016

[liff] Jamie Varon: Everything In Its Due Time

Recently this article happened on The Huffington Post and it's been getting into my bean quite deeply.

I have tried far too many motivational and inspirational systems to be anything but jaded. They'd work for a while, but then the returns either diminished or never happened, I'd eventually look at myself, wonder just what it is that I'm doing here, and drop it and move on. I know I'm capable of some pretty good work … I've pulled things together before, but somehow, success only seems to beget more success randomly, if at all. To say I'm jaundiced would be to severely gild the lily; I've quipped that the most absurd bookstore section would be the one for used self-help books.

Maybe, though, I just don't completely understand evolution, at least as much as I fancy I do. I know to change you have to grow along a gradient. There seems an impression that one can go from aborning to finished just by stepping on the gas. But life is fickle; just because you've finished your rocket and have blasted into orbit doesn't mean the space station you had faith to be there to dock with will actually be there.

Not for the first time I think maybe I'm going about this all wrong. Yeah, that's got to be a universal human thing; but maybe there's some specificity about it.

The article (which I'll link to at the bottom of this post) seems to be saying to just keep paying attention to what's going on around you, and try not to fret (and in this human world of limited lifespans, believe me when I tell you that's the real trick!) about the fact that you don't have all the parts yet. Keep gathering the parts. Sometimes, a thing can't be over-rushed, and that even means the big things one imagines one's been working towards. It'll be there when you get there. Just make sure you're still trying to get there.

It takes working on the little things. The big things should come in time, but you can't quit working on the little things … not that that isn't another thing I need to work on, of course. But persevere …

That's my takeaway, anyway. Have at Jamie's article (which has been around the world several times for very good reasons) and get your own: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jamie-varon/to-anyone-who-thinks-theyre-falling-behind_b_9190758.html

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