10 February 2016

[pdx] Mt Hood Throws Shade Again

Last week, the sunrise and Mount Hood conspired to give us a unique treat for those who were there at the right place and time, and I figured that it was a once-in-a-great-while opportunity. Those things aren't vanishingly rare, but they don't happen every day either.

Well, mighty Wy'East and the conditions thereupon appertaining have been astoundingly obliging lately.

The sun rose just so and there was just such a cloud deck just so, and there we have it, once again (and, once again, from NE 122nd Avenue in front of Rossi Farms).

The clouds were higher and the shadow was a bit more attenuated but it was lovely enough maybe because of its even-more-evanescent  nature.

There were more people picting it than before. We were all very happy and very happy to regard each other with happy expressions. The guy with the GalaxyTAB was almost giddy as a school boy. The people getting off the 71 bus at 122nd and Shaver were all smiles, the Parkrose HS-bound students and adults all beatific actually.

I pretend it's my mountain but I don't mind sharing.

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