26 February 2016

[pdx] Mount St Helens, With Extra Lenticular Cloud

Mount Hood was too suffused in brilliant sunlight today to mess with, but I did see something interesting across the river.

Nobody needs an introduction to Mount Saint Helens, of course, but since there's no smooth peak, you don't see lenticular clouds capping it often. This, however seems to apply:

The picture was taken from just off NE Fremont Street, on NE 124th Pl, a very short cul-de-sac street hard by the I-84 freeway, with a great view.

The contrast was a little soft, so I zoomed in and fiddled about with settings and such until something looked good. And that is this:

That cloud is formed by winds rising over the hump, clouds condensing out when the winds get high and cold enough. It looks a little like Donald Trump's hair-do, to be honest, but I didn't say that out loud where Loo-wit could hear. She's got a hot temper, as we all know.

And, since I can't stop playing with the Vivid Color feature, this:

Punching up that red color makes it feel more like fall. Of course, with climate change being what it is, who can say?

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