11 February 2016

[Out122ndWay] The Sunbow Over Rossi Farms

We've got one more thing to see before we move on from Mount Hood piercing the clouds, and that's something happening about sixty degrees to the west of the rising sun behind the Hood.

This is one view:

The phenomenon of interest is that brushed-copper-looking stripe over the Rossi Farms' barn. It seems to be a bright spine to this really beautiful, subtle, rich-color atmosphere.

This is a better view:

It seemed obvious to me there, that this was clearly something of a sundog, but I can see the subtle gradations that evoke the rainbow.

The atmosphere of Oregon is just plain more interesting than anywhere else. Yeah, I'm a little chauvinistic about it, but I was born here.

Also, thank God for Rossi Farms, who just by being, make these views and pictures possible. It wouldn't be as awesome with some big construction there.

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