25 February 2016

[pdx] Tele-faux-to View, SE Foster Road

Northeast Portland has Sandy Boulevard; Southeast has Foster Road. Two great diagonal boulevards which cut across blocks making interesting shapes and enabling any enterprising commuter to make right triangles at will if they are so inclined.

East side's hypoteneuses. Hypotenusae?

Here's two tele-faux-to views … this one, looking east-southeast …

The greenspace on the left is Laurelwood Park, and it's in the sharp gore-point of Foster and Holgate. And, in a city that seems to be gentrifying before our eyes and becoming shiny and sterile, Foster Road seems fine in not putting on any airs at all. And this is why, of the streets of the inner east side, Foster Road is still one of my most beloved places.

Note the building on the right there? It says K&B over the front entry; and undoubtedly something happens somehow in it, but I'm not sure what. Just being what it is, its old working-class self, doing whatever it does, and not (so far) in a hurry to become tidy, neat, and sterile.

And then there's this view, west-northwest:

… modest, a little dusty, real, and it is what it is. There are some newer, posher places up that way, but there are some small striving places too. And notice, too, it's not an actual straight diagonal; it zigs and zags a bit, turning a little north there, and then in the distance, as you pass George Morlan Plumbing, bending a little the other way again. Of course, on a map, the bends aren't that obvious, but they do have a habit of making a terribly interesting road just that much more interesting.

Old eastside Portland still lingers, to a degree, on SE Foster Road. And we love that.

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