20 February 2016

[Out122ndWay] The Divine Comedy of SE 122nd Ave, Part I: Existence

There's a section of SE 122nd Avenue that recapitulates the sum total of human existence. It's all there … birth, death, and all in-between.

Peep this:

There's (going away from us), a dive bar, a porno shop, an auto parts store, a Volkswagen, and a public library. Everything here, but everything is necessary, including the street (the 12100 block of SE Morrison) which separates the auto parts store from the library.

Because … well, look. You have books for knowledge, dive bars for food, fun and companionship, the pornos for sexy sex that causes more people to happen (or so I've heard) and an auto parts store … because if auto repair isn't pain then, my friends, absolutely nothing is. Existential dread is best represented by the time spent waiting in the mechanic's waiting area to bring you the bill.

And Volkswagens are necessary. They just are. Don't question it.

If they don't have it in this stretch of SE 122nd, just south of Stark … you don't really need it.

But things go metaphysical just two blocks north of here. See next message.

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