17 February 2016

[marketing] Morning in Rubio's America - It Begins in Vancouver BC

In this absurdest of all political seasons, where the phrase how bizarre can you be seems to be fielded as a dare rather than j'accuse, We've seen some pretty bizarre, head-scratching things. Such as when Donald Trump illustrated his support of American military veterans with pictures of Russian ones.

You'd think that they'd take more care in vetting these, but maybe I expect too much. This week, The Vancouver Sun newspaper revealed that in one of Marco Rubio's recent ads, one promising "Morning Again in America" (brand-checking Reagan), there's a tugboat motoring across the harbor of that great, prosperous, American city … Vancouver, British Columbia:
“It’s morning again in America,” says the narrator as a tugboat zips through the water in front of familiar Vancouver landmarks like the Harbour Centre, One Wall Centre and Port Metro Vancouver cranes.
It’s unmistakably Vancouver.
Follow the link above to see it.

I guess that's the sort of thoroughness you get when your ad staff are unpaid interns. Either that, or they just don't care.

Either way, it's brand fail.

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