26 April 2023

Midland Library, 26 April 2023


The Midland-of-the-week photo series continues, with no obvious change from last week, though I think the old glass and steel from the main entry is now completely gone.

You can see straight through to the south wall if you look carefully. As stated before, the entire inside has been gutted.

I'm still missing the clock tower, for what it's worth. You just don't get architecture like that any more. 

22 April 2023

Midland Library, 20 Apr 2023


Herewith the first of a continuing series of snapshots of the evolution of the Midland Branch of the Multnomah County Library from what was into what will be.

In December, 2022, the Mighty Midland branch, located at SE 122nd and Morrison in the middle-outer eastern area of Portland ... out in The Numbers, as the kids say ... closed in preparation of a major rebuild. This is part of a systemwide strategy of improving branches to be current to the needs of today. This is scheduled to be in work through Summer 2024. 

This is also happening at the Holgate Branch.

As a point of reference, here's where it all started: The Midland Branch of the Multnomah County Library as she was before they got busy (photo sharked from the Multnomah County Library's page as of today here: https://multcolib.org/library-location/midland)

As of today, this is what the scene was:

The process has been underway in earnest on the structure about two and months now. The clock tower is down (and it's not coming back, I'm afraid, which I think is a sadness, but the thing is taking its course). The windows in the side long side of the building that's facing us ... that's the south side of the building ... are out. The inside of the building, which I've only been able to glimpse in quick passing, appears to have been gutted. 

What's not so obvious from this angle is that the parking lot has been about 2/3rds broken up and is being pulled up out of there. Out of frame on the left are trailers as construction shacks. 

My plan is to take a picture from the same spot across the library on 122nd once every few days. I'm hoping to get a long-arc sequence of all the changes.