30 April 2008

[net_life] So That's What It's Like To Be A Co-Conspirator

1525. I mentioned that I got a chance to get with a handful of very select people to give propers and feedback to MyDamnChannel.com (which is, as of now, the coolest site on the net, even moreso than PMerc's Blogtown (yea, I said it) and have myself counted as a co-con.

Here's the incriminating evidence on their blog, The Night Feed.

I am, to be sure. so cool you don't know I'm cool. Of course, the problem with that is the part where nobody knows I'm cool; c'est la guerre, mon cher. But they do.

And the Big Fat Brain guys who rool my world? Oh, not much; just the subject of an article at Time magazine. You know, no big whoop.

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29 April 2008

[zeitgeist] Missions Accomplished

1524. In the battle against the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, major combat operations against angry black pastors who said something impolite years ago have ended.

We can now move on to real threats against national security, such as prefab pop stars who accidentally gave away their innocence to Annie Liebowitz and Vanity Fair magazine. It was impossible not to comment after reading this article and seeing Miley do the flipflop.

Before (via EW):

I think it's really artsy. It wasn't in a skanky way. Annie took, like, a beautiful shot, and I thought that was really cool. That's what she wanted me to do, and you can't say no to Annie.

Skanky. She said it wasn't in a skanky way. Which is cool because all of us were worried that Hannah Montana would come off as skanky.


I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be 'artistic' and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed. I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about.

Oh. Well, that's all settled then.

Manufactured pop stars: Can't live with 'em; can't round 'em up and shoot them on a one way rocket ride to the sun.

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[design_tools] Easter Egg Report: Taste The Rainbow with InDesign CS3

1523. The credit for this one must be given to South Pasadena CA-based Kathleen McGuinness, who you can visit at http://www.mcgraphics.com.

InDesign Easter Egg StrokesI had trouble finding InDesign CS3's easter eggs, but she's come up with a good one. It involves strokes, with five cool and funny designs you can reveal just by creating the correct names in the New Strokes dialog (from the left in the illustration):

  1. Feet

  2. Happy

  3. Lights

  4. Woof

  5. Rainbow

When creating the Rainbow style be sure to use the dropdown to create it as a stripe, not as a dash.

(NB: "Taste The Rainbow" just so happened to be an easter egg in QuarkXPress, where if you created a new stroke style and called it "taste the rainbow", you got a rainbow stroke.)

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[zk_news] Progressive Radio Host Sees PDX Clearly With Image From ZehnKatzen Design


Downtown Skyline photo joins others for rich scenic Stumptown tapestry

Portland, OR – The ZehnKatzen Times – 29 April 2008 – An agreement was reached today that grants The Russ Belville Show rights to use Samuel John Klein's downtown Portland skyline photo Portland Skyline From Marquam Bridge as an element in the design of his web page, http://radicalruss.com.

The photo, taken from the back seat of a car hurtling over Portland's Marquam Bridge, shows off one of the best views of downtown Portland, complete with Riverplace riverscape and a dramatic afternoon sky scattered with typically Oregon clouds but still having vast, beautiful areas of blue.

"Much of the civic beauty that is Portland can be seen in this photograph" states the photographer, Samuel John Klein, a Portland-based graphic designer, artist, and writer. "We keep hearing from acquaintances who see this view what a lovely city Portland is, and why it has the reputation it does. We, quite naturally, agree."

The photo can be seen if one surfs to the show's web page and looks on the left end of the rotating tag-line picture strip, just below the page header itself, where the image itself stands proudly aside other beautiful and famous images of Portland.

The Russ Belville Show is helmed by its namesake, who uses the nom de broadcast "Radical Russ", and broadcasts nationally via XM Satellite Radio channel 163 and locally to the Portland market from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Saturdays via Portland's Progressive Talk KPOJ AM 620, who has a fast, frequently funny, and always witty and lively view of progressive issues and the news of the day. It's also available via free podcast (you can also subrscribe to this via the iTunes store. We do.).

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[pdx_politik, teh_funnay] Portland Political Season Trading Cards, Series 2008, #5

1521. #5: Beryl McNair.

Beryl McNair-front

Beryl Mc Nair-Back

A note on style: While the other cards have been adapted from pictures of vintage baseball cards, this one is intended to look more like a modern card. The readers experience may be different, but our experience is that womens professional sports, as a marketable commodity on a par with the men's pro leagues, is a relatively recent development (and still somewhat on the bubble ... the WNBA is still playing, though sadly not here in Portland (who else misses the Fire?)) Consequently we feel that a sports card for a woman player would be most believable with a more contemporary look. This particular adaptation is 100% original, and takes its cue from the high gloss quality production levels we typically find in the modern sports collectible card.

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27 April 2008

[liff, music] I Haz A Bass Guitar

1518. As I said, I have a short, shameful musical confession to make. It's not the following bit, though; this I am quite proud of. The shame comes later, so stay with me.

My Bass GuitarI own a bass guitar. I adore basses, everything about them; I up the bass on all my music, and of all my favorite bands, my favorite member is the bassist (for bonus points, then: Kelly Groucutt, John Entwistle, Tony Lewis, John Lodge, Pete Farndon, John Taylor – who do they play with? I don't know what you're going to do with the extra points, but they're yours ... ). I even follow the bassists in groups whose music I doesn't like.

Some years back, in hopes of joining that number (even if only as a hobbyist) I got a bass of my own. It's a beautiful little blond-wood "P-Copy" (which is a bass geek's way of saying "it looka like a Fender Precision) which was apparently made by Harmony. That's her on the right.

Here's the shame part. The confession. Though I've been her keeper for many years now, I still don't know how to play her. That's right. I've promised and promised and promised myself and her we'd hook up and I've never followed through. Oh, every now and again I'd relearn how to tune her and then practice a few scales but then I'd get distracted by necessity or some bright shiny thing.

The shame grows deeper. Though I know she's a Harmony bass, I don't know what model she is. Now, I do know something about Harmony; at one time it was the biggest manufacturer of guitars in America. Most hobbyists and a great deal of pros played Harmony products. Harmony still exists, more of a niche company now, but they're still there.

But that's right; I brought her home and not only didn't get serious about playing her, I never even really got to know her very well.

The bass guitar is a beautiful thing, and I have done her a disservice by neglecting her so. To have a bass is an honor – maybe one that anyone with the proper coin can have, but an honor nonetheless – and I have not up to now been acting very deserving of the honor. I may indeed soon begin getting serious about playing her. But first I want to get to know her the way I should; I want to identify this one.

I am at this point putting out a call for help, to anyone wise the the lore of the musical instrument. Can anyone clue me into what sort of a bass I have here? Follows some closeups.

Here's the headstock:

Harmony Bass Headstock

The Harmony logo is properly done, in the proper place and attitude, and complete with the "Est. 1892" tag line. I purchased this bass in 1984, I think it was, and the original Harmony company had been relegated by the end of the '70s. Could it be possible that Harmony licensed the name out?

Here's a closeup of the body:

harmony bass body

Tone and volume controls, two staggered pickups, and a thumbrest there on the left at the edge of the scratchplate. If you look carefully at the end of the fretboard there, between the A and D strings, you'll see the access too the neck tensioning nut (which I usually see in pictures on the headstock adjacent to the nut).

Here's the back of the headstock:

Harmony bass, headstock back

Note the little sticker there at the bottom of the headstock. Here's a closer view:

It reads "ST65N", which I think may be the model number. But I'm not sure about this; the Harmony H65 wasn't a bass.  So I don't know what that sticker's supposed to be telling me.

To bring the proceedings toward their close, here's the back:

Not a great picture; somewhat blurry. Note thedark stripe down the middle of the neck; it is an inlay that no doubt closes in the neck tensioning bar. There is a metal plate there at the neck-body junction that probably houses something somehow.

That's her. If I can get her identified, then maybe I can make up for keeping her in the dark all these years. So someone help me please!

And I do intend, soon, to learn how to play her. I'm not one of those "bucket list" types; I always thought naming a list of 100 (or however many) things to do before you die just sets you up for hating yourself on your deathbed if you didn't get the whole list checked off. Better you identifiy your passions and chase them as best you can; if you go after what you want, you really can't say you've completely failed.

But if I was a "bucket list" type, playing a bass in a band on stage at least once in my life would be right up there near the top. I don't know if this is around the corner or a few years down the street yet, but, one way or the other, I'm going to do it.

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26 April 2008

[liff] Embarrassing Musical Confession

1517. I have an embarrassing musical confession to make ...

... tomorrow.

(No, it's not that my iPod has Terry Jacks' "Seasons In The Sun", Sweet's "Little Willy", and the Partridge Family's "I think I Love You" and a Rick Springfield song on it. So let's just sweep that aside right now.)

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[art] You'll Dance To Anything ...

1516. When we heard that there's an orchestral Organ work designed to last 639 years, we thought that our calendar was off by about 25 days.

But then we heard it was composed by John Cage (who is currently decomposing), so we thought, well, yeah, of course.

639 years is "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" (at 18.3 minutes) played 18,365,096.3 times, or "American Pie" (8.5 minutes) played 39,538,972 times.

More or less.

So, let's make sure we save the planet because, well, think of the children who won't hear the last note played in the year 2640. Because, yes, they really are performing it. The Wikipedia page (second hyperlink above) has samples of hours 1, three, six, and nine of the first part of the first session. Yeah, people actually attended this.

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[pdx_politik, teh_funnay] Portland Political Season Trading Cards, Series 2008, #3

1515. #3: Kyle Burris.

Kyle Burris Card-Frong

Kyle Burris Card-Back

Seriously, we can't help but like Kyle. Hustling for those few last-minute signatures he needed to file (because he's broke) and asking Sten, Francesconi, and Saltzman for sigs takes the sort of guts we need a bit more around here these days. He's an anodyne for the stress-filled,  typically slick, serious-to-the-point-of-despair campaigns we've had to endure for the past few years. Honestly, the fella doesn't stand a chance, but we think his chutzpah and irreverence hits it out of the park.

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25 April 2008

[pdx_politik, teh_funnay] Portland Political Season Trading Cards, Series 2008, #2

1514. #2: Sho Dozono. Also see important message at the end of this post.

Sho Dozono Card-Front

Sho Dozono Card-Back

I'd also like to give propers to Jack Bogdanski who linked to the Sam Adams card and was a good sport at the good-natured dig I made in the "You Don't Like Him If" section. If anyone comes over here from bojack.org, then welcome and thanks for stopping by. Linkback perforce installed in the blogroll by way of thanks.

The traffic I'm getting now is staggering compared to what I had before. Never underestimate the power of a Bojack blessing.

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24 April 2008

[pdx_politik, teh_funnay] Portland Political Season Trading Cards, Series 2008, #1

1513. #1: Sam Adams.

Sam Adams Trading Card 2008 front

Sam Adams Trading Card 2008-back

Follow this link to #2-Sho Dozono

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[net_life] MyDamnChannel Reaches Out And Touches Me

1512. I've made a big sloppy unsecret of the fact that I am an enthusiastic consumer of content from MyDamnChannel.com, particularly the bit on the Big Fat Brain channel, which is the stupid-funniest thing I've seen on digital video in a long time.

Well, we have a date. A MDC operative got in touch with me via email today and invited me to what they're calling an inagural "Channel Co-con" meeting tomorrow at about noon. It's a get-together where we're all going to give our opinions of what we like, what works for us and thus-such on MDC.

Here's where it's getting interesting ... it's an online pizza party. MDC is located in New York, and with me square-in-the-middle of the creative class here in PDX, it's going to be hard to get a slice, particularly as I can't afford air-fare. So they're going to buy me a pizza too. Have one delivered to my address.

Seriously.  This is so insane it's unsane. And I got invited and you didn't, so, suck that.

BTW, the YSAP universe is getting extended with a new series, Sn4tchbuckl3r's Second Chance, also tomorrow on the Big Fat Brain Channel, so if you didn't get invited, don't cry. We'll get to see what happens to Donnie's friend, presumably (if I'm reading the ads correctly) in Peopleburg.

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23 April 2008

[bloggage] Update Your Bookmarks, People! Stumptown Confidental Is Now...

1511. Lost Oregon.

Support your local Schlockstar, and visit. And link. His blogs have been an extended love song to Oregon's 20th C. past, and deserves support.

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[net_life] PMerc Was Just Mentioned on BoingBoing

1510. Kudos to the Merc, whose reportage on the "Citizen Gives Cop Parking Ticket" issue was just featured on BoingBoing.

Now if they'll only post the links I suggest (note to BoingBoing: have I offended?)

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[design tools] How Pixeloo Untooned Jessica Rabbit

1509. The so-far-uninomially-named Pixeloo has attracted attention with his handful of reality-tooniverse mashups, which forcibly make reality and make-believe do a really compelling dance that traipses right up to the edge of "Uh-Oh" feeling territory.

The results are both disturbing and compelling. You've Simpsonized yourself, yes? Well, Pixeloo has Realityized Homer Simpson (clickthru, but warning: you cannot unsee what you has seen).

His latest work, Jessica Rabbit, has really brought it in terms of smart Photoshoppery (compared to Pixeloo, Donnie Hoyle sucks at Photoshop). The artist, apparently sensitive to the hunger of fellow Photoshop users (such as myself) to see just how the 7734 he did it, made a time-compressed 10 minute video of the first stages of untooning her. She's as compelling as the rest of this work, but not as "Uh-Oh" feeling-inducing: Watch it:

There is poetic sense here. Somehow, knowing that mixing parts of Angelina Jolie and Celine Dion, two celebrities I've always been ambivalent about, to create the ultimate toon vamp and femme fatale, just makes such great gestalt sense. It's perfect.

The tools used are admirably basic: lasso selects the appropriate part, copy-and-paste, then the liquefy tool is used to distort the bits into their proper shape. The deal is closed by the admirable talent of the artist themselves.

Jessica Rabbit; she's not bad. She's just Photoshopped that way.

(Trivia point: The tool used here appears to be Photoshop CS2. CS3 is Da Bomb, but CS2 didn't quit working once CS3 came out ... )

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[toons, pdx_artists] Fresh Today: Page 23 of Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword

1508. Just go read it. Don't question!

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[pdx_people] Julia Radlick: Tough News and Who Knew?


  • Tough News: Coming hard on the heels of hearing that long time folksy crinkly-voiced outdoor reporter Grant McOmie being turfed-out by KATU, also we learn that one of our top fave weather persons, Julia Radlick, is also leaving KATU.

  • Who Knew? Julia styles herself as a portrait photgrapher who is now going into it full time. Her photography blog is here: Jewel Images. This seems like a natural addition to our blogroll.

Good luck, Julia. Bonhomie, Grant.

  • Who Knew Part 2… Julia brings it in more ways than one. Also an ice dancer. Her and her partner are 2007 US National Silver Medalists ... The Wife™ will love knowing that ­– she likes the figure skating.

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22 April 2008

[bloggage] One More Cool Bit Of Blog Art I Found Yesterday

1506. It's called gymnastic.jpg, and I forgot where I found her, but she's cool and I wanted to share this ...

If anyone out there recognizes it, please let me know so I can properly credit it.

It's she cool? Flirty and kind of sexy. The way the warm color of the skin, face and hair contrast with the cool green of her costume, the floor, and her exercise equipment is just great. The flat colors are a popular approach right now, and the shadows and perspective give it depth.

Update… The ever-amazing Stan went sleuthing and found a bigger version of the image, which is even better:

We're still not entirely sure who created the image, but the big version is being hosted here.

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[liff] In Religion News Today, The Rapture Has Occurred

1505.  Where you stand on this, of course, depends on where you sit.

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[liff] That's That, Then; I'm Moving To Poland

1504. (via Just Out) Why move to Poland? Why, they have all the problems pretty much put to bed over there. I mean, they must ... someone had the time and money to launch an official investigation into Tinky-ever-lovin'-Winky. Saith Just Out:

Last May, Sowinska generated headlines by asking psychologists to look into Tinky Winky's sexuality: "I noticed (Tinky Winky) has a lady's purse, but I didn't realize he's a boy. At first I thought the purse would be a burden for this Teletubby ... Later I learned that this may have a homosexual undertone."

Good on you there, Mrs. Sowinska. A little late to the party, maybe: the benighted in this country have been whining about this hunk of purse-carrying cloth since 1999. And that bit about "the purse being a burden" ... nice avant-garde non-sequitur touch there. Unless what you're actually worried about is that whoever is wearing the costume might get some repetitive stress injury from carrying it, or maybe get eaten by a grue, or something.

Actually, I want me a piece of the fabric that costume. The power over the weak-minded it has is amazing.

Once again; do not fear teh gay. Fear the people who fear teh gay.

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21 April 2008

[pdx_politik] The Great 8 Debate: Adams Pwns Dozono

1503 That was the debate that was, neh? Today, at 8 PM, our two Portlandian Gladiators met in honorable combat it the debate arena. The nemesis: Randy Neves of KGW-TV, Anne Griffin of The Big O, and Brooks Burford of KEX 1190, the 50,000 watt blowtorch of the Great Northwest. Your goalie tonight, Tracy Barry.

Overall, it was refreshing. Apparently the local media didn't get the memo that political "debates" (which these days are as far from actual debates as can be) are supposed to be all about light fluffy issues that make the viewer feel like everyone's being manipulated. They asked some good questions!

Sadly, we aren't the liveblogging kind. We do remember, however the overall tone, and there were a couple of notable high points. Do be advised, we are working on memory here.

The debate started out with both candidates seeming awkward to us. They did not seem entirely comfortable in their skins. As they warmed up, though, so did Sam Adams, who rose to the occaision mostly and turned in the more polished performance.

Sho Dozono seemed ill-prepared. When asked why voters should trust them given thier individual histories where each has as part of the record some financial low points, Sam was fairly direct and to the point – admitting that it had to do with medical difficulties and not being insured, neatly tying the situation into issues that all of us either have, might, or can experience, or at least worry about. Dozono essentially said that mistakes were made, that's business, and what are you gonna do?

Sam hammered home his devotion to education and mentioned a few plans, and named himself as the "fund raiser in chief" in appealing to the business community for financial support for schools. Sho held that a solution to the problems of education would be more living-wage jobs. Both made good points, but Sam sold his better.

Where Sam really pwned Sho, though, was on a deal breaker for a lot of us Little Beiruters – PPB participation in the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Sam is against it, and Sho is probably more favorably inclined toward it. But the smackdown really came where Sho wondered aloud how Sam was able to divine his position on JTTF, handing Sam an amazing petard which he promptly hoisted by mentioned where Sho made is statement (the Portland Mercury) and the day and time he made it on (when Dozono made his candidate interview). That was one astounding gaffe.

On the PDC? Sho doesn't think government should be meddling in it, which gave Sam another pwnage opportunity, mentioning that reining in PDC is just what the voters of Portland actually wanted to have done.

Homeless and panhandlers in downtown? Sam mentioned the endeavors to extend services to the homeless. Sho's answer seemed to boil down to "You Kids Get Outta My Yard!".

It was a fascinating performance overall, with Dozono going to his go-to phrase – "standing on his record" often enough that me and The Wife™ wondered if we should have a bottle available to take shots.

The closing remarks: Dozono read from a prepared statement, Adams riffed confidently drawing on the things he mentioned, catholically encouraging the voters to research all candidates.

Now, we don't want anyone thinking that we come here to praise or bury either of the candidates. They are both clearly intelligent, principled men with the necessary ambition and gumption.

But between the two, Adams was the clear winner to us, ready to answer most questions with his positions and usually deftly tying them to the question. For Dozono it was never more obvious that this was his first real electoral campaign.

Advantage (whether you like it or not): Sam Adams.

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[bloggage] Divided by a Common Language: I've Got Angus on my Angus

1502. From the header image of http://lunanhead.wordpress.com/:

You know, if I had Angus about my Angus and had goings on in that Angus, I somehow don't think I'd stop with a general topical. Yes, it's been a bloggy day. Maybe way too bloggy.

(The blog is in Scotland, FWIW.)

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[art, film] A Test Of Movie Clip With Soundtrack

1501. So, I took on of my time-lapses and backed it with a little Old-School electronica:

Quite nice, I think. Stops abruptly, but it is an experiment.

A little mood music takes anything to a Whole. Novver. Levvel.

(apologies to Jean Michel Jarré (the music is clipped from Oxygene, Part VI) and Keegan Michael Key (for really poorly ripping off one of his lines)

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[bloggage, art] State of the Art of the Blogs

1500. Here's a couple of really excellent digital art illustrations I've seen decorating blogs lately (and when you search as many blogs as I do, you'll see a lot of dog's breakfasts, trust me there):

Bio Girl has a really frisky header image that's a lot of fun and cool in a smart-girl way:


And Jane's Insane has a very high-contrast, romantic (almost cyber-victorian) approach ...


These are breaths-of-fresh-air in the great wasteland of visual tedium that is the blogging-o-sphere. More like this, please!

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[design] When Photoshop Goes Bad ... And I Mean Bad ...

1494. If you want to see real inept Photoshopping, then hie thee at once to PhotoshopDisasters.

What is PhotoshopDisasters? It's a gallery of Things Which Should Not Be. Amateur mistakes in professional art. A picture of an iPhone playing a song by Alicia Keys when the reflection says "Macy Gray". Game publishers using watermarked art nicked from a webpage somewhere, even when they already own the art. Lazy comping which results in body parts (such as lower jaws) disappearing and limbs fading out into hammerspace; pale creamy complected babes' heads on dark tanned bodies; African-American heads on WASPy-American bodies; bodies, arms, and other limbs that bend in ways not even dreamed of by Hieronymous Bosch.

Scary stuff.

It's amazing how many heads get Photoshopped onto bodies.

And you can see it all here. Remember, tho, you can't unsee what you have seen.

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20 April 2008

[art] Let's Check In On The Year Of Stan

1497. If you've missed any of Stan's comic gold thus far, go to his flickr album here, and get up to speed.

Various distractions have kept me from updating our expat Milwaukiean and now resident of some semi-pronouncable town near Carthage MO, and newlywed, Stan Kost. Let's address this now, shall we?

When we last checked in, Stan had fallen behind on the pace due to the centrigual forces that moving one's household will cause (it happens to everyone). He then got back on the clock with some typically skewed views of reality:

Stan's Toon

I'm looking forward to finding out what Willis was talking about. I still hold that it was me (and I would point out that a charity who saw this asked Stan for permission to use it in a mailing. Which is cool. And kind of scary, the more I think about it).

stan's toon

Nice to know the government's on the job here. "Oooh, pretty ... YOOOOW! Ow! My former limb!"

Now, pity poor Otto:

Stan's Toon

At least he's not going to get that blast of steam in his face (I hate that!)

Now, we embark on some skewed, snarky views of the cinema which would actually be quite at home on the Mercury's movie-listing page:

stan's cinema

stan's cinema

Now, a Quantum Leap that will introduce Sam Beckett to a whole new way of looking at cuisine. Sadly:

stan's toon

And now, another Movie Grab. Folks, this is proof that the Pirate thing is doing the all-night shark hop. I stand by my opinion!

Altho the chyxxor on the right is kinda hot, it's played, folks. Time to move on.

The next Movie Grab was obviously taken sometime during rumspringa:

Look out, folks, he's bearing down on you. Still time to get out of the way, tho.

Next, we have someone living the dream:

And, in what might be a personal moment, blind, blind ambition:

This is a new trend in movies; cinema verite powertoolé:

(it seems to be testy about displaying, so go by link to there).

This next one just leaves me speechless. What fresh hell this be?

And there's just something about a man or woman in uniform ... rrrrowr ...

Now, back to teh original funnay. Stan reminds us here that, no matter what, you never have a second chance to make a good first impression, and good manners go a long way ... parsecs, in this case:

Now, a Movie Grab, which leaves me with a kinda spooky feeling:

And a movie that should be sponsored by either Formula 409 or Fantastik:

And now, helll-oooooo Type 2 Diabetes:

And, ahh, yes, the Drexler era. Catch 22 here is you can have the coolest team captain ever but still lose tot he Bulls every time (I liked the old Blazers uni better anyhow):

Um, yeah ... :

By the look on his face, I'm sure he thinks of himself as feeling lucky, punk.

The only comment I have about this:

Is that I cannot unsee what I have seen. However, the one with the dark brown hair in the middle there kind of has it going on ... moving on ....

There's nothing else like the Grand Ole Opry, but I think it's lost something since Minnie Pearl passed on, if you want to know what I think.

And now, Agent Guller finds out that the truth is, indeed, out there. And out there:

Now that he knows, of course, the M's will have to kill him. Fear the M's.

Now, for another edition of our longtime favorite, People Unclear On the Concept:

Now, in this one, we find that there's no such thing as a completely dependable temp service. But we admire the duck for her get-up-and-gumption:

And now, back to the movies.

Now, if you're keeping kosher, you're not allowed to look at the next photo. Sorry, folks, that's the rules:

Now, the turning point where the Brothers Grimm refused to turn:

It's coincidences like that that prevent people from dying on plane crashes and stuff like that. Good on Hansel!

And, this last one I can actually relate to. There's a restroom down at The Salt Mines that works exactly this way, and if you're in the far stall, you have to stand up to get the light to turn on. And that's all we really ought to say about that, I think:

That's it, we're back up to date.

Overall I really enjoy the direction Stan's talent is taking. Creativity is like a muscle – if you don't use it, you get out of practice, but if you work it, it comes back. I'd go so far as to say that he's actually getting better than his Road Trip Comic days, and some of those were pretty funny.

Stan additionally tells us that he's got something big in the offing but won't tell us just yet. Apparently I had some hand in the inspiration. Heck, I just like his work. But if it turns out to be huge, then, hey, I knew him when. Yeah, that was me. If, on the other hand, general chaos pertains, not my fault, nuh-uhh, don't blame me...

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