21 January 2024

Hiroko Cannon


Spotted on an Oregon Art Beat viewed a week or so ago, the artist Hiroko Cannon, a resident of Pendleton, who does watercolor works of wildlife that put Audubon to shame, if for no other reason that all this amazing artist needs to do is watch the animals. This apparently comes from a memory enabled by a contemplative state of mind. 

She does this from memory. 

That and a Winsor & Newton pocket box and water control that the rest of us can only dream about.

Evans Valley Road, East of Silverton


Please enjoy the following relatable, pastoral, colorful-and-brimming-with-life-and-all-the-good-feels, no-agenda, non-political, friendly view of a bit of Marion County countryside just east of Silverton with a stretch of Evans Valley Road running through it.

For those who like to know such things, that t-intersection just ahead is where Ike Mooney Road ties on.

20 January 2024

Details of Silverton's Wolf Building Are Cast In Iron


At the corner of East Main and North Water in downtown Silverton stands the Wolf Building. It was built in 1891, making it 133 years old at the time I'm writing these words. 

There's a district of Portland that this reminds me of, and it's the Skidmore/Old Town district. Decades before Portland began to grow into a Real Big Town, that area had architecture accented with wrought iron that was of exquisite detail; few examples still remain. The most prominent example is the New Market Theatre building. 

The Wolf Bulding looks this way:

The Wolf Building, 201-205 East Main St, Silverton Oregon.
Photo by Ian Poellet. Source.

The photo was taken by another photographer; I am surprised that I do not have one of the facade ... yet.

Adolf Wolf commissioned the building and set up a hardware and dry-goods concern. During my lifetime, it was the friendly, wooden-floored hardware store of one Carl Hande. Concordant with the general upscaling of Silverton over the years, it is now a stylish bistro. The upper floor currently has office space, if I understand correctly. 

Just as with many things of this nature, the eye is rewarded by closer inspection: at the bottom of those sunny yellow verticals in the facade are these fittings:

... all the way from St Louis, yet. Fancy.

The loving care with the facade continues over the sidewalk, too:

One thing about the local Kiwanis chapter; I think it's always met there.

That can be something out of Silverton Gothic: The Kiwanis Club meets Thursdays at 7:00 AM at the Wmlf Building. It has always met there.