05 April 2006

[design] Quark: At Least We're All On The Same Page Now

This morning I recieved in my e-mail a notification from Quark, Inc. to announce that the Public Beta 2 of QuarkXPress 7 was available for download.

This, of course, was after I had actually downloaded the 116MB file.

On dialup.

56K dialup.

It took three days.

(On and off, of course)

And a couple of days after I wrote something up here about it.

Thanks, fellas.

FWIW, the Public Beta is set to time-bomb on 2 May 2006. This was one day after I had heard earlier. And, the buzz is that QXP7 will at long last be released sometime during late May, but I'm holding officially publishing something on that on either Designorati. com or QuarkVsInDesign.com until either a)Pariah finds out solid info about it first or b)I can get some sort of confirmation on it myself.

My money's on Pariah, of course.

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