06 April 2006

[net_life] The BlogPatrol Report

Just a few funny search terms taken completely out of context. Remember these are simply search strings, lifted without respect to the author's intentions (as though we could find that out anyway...).

Quark Express Public Beta Password
You're joking, right? You get it by signing up. It's free! And the Public Beta will go dead on you on 3 May anyway. Jeebus but I swear, if you're Googling for passwords for a free time-limited application you really are scraping the bottom of the barrel. I mean what's next–looking for a h4X0rific way of getting into your own Yahoo! email? Hey, while you're at it, I've heard of this 1337-o-licious place called Myspace.com. Invitation only, but we'll see what we can do for you, you scamp.
Hillsboro's population in 80's
Big hair and Duran Duran LP's, just like everywhere else, I mean, GOSH!
idaho falls bel air subdivision

...and if you thought that was fabulous, just wait 'till you see what Idaho does to Beverly. Hills, that is; swimmin' pools. Movie stars.

yanni beating
Some would say that's a good start. Actually it's part of a new show on FOX, tentatively titled When Audiences Attack. What happened to John Tesh wasn't pretty. Remember, loves, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt; after that, it's just fun.
no meaning text FPO
Yes meaning text FPO, it be meaning "for position only". Good grief but I hate having to get out the big crayon...
"Tom Peterson's" and Portland
...go together like pie and coffee. You want that haircut? You can't handle that haircut!
QuarkXPress 7 public beta 2 DOWNLOAD
Well, maybe it would if you wouldn't yell at it. And use a computer. And regardless of what you saw Scotty do in Star Trek:Save the Whales, that isn't a microphone, it's a mouse.


Anonymous said...

Okay, speaking of reality shows and "When Audiences Attack"... see what happens when cartoon space mercenaries get unwillingly caught up in a reality show: http://schlockmercenary.com/d/20060218.html

The art isn't great, but the writing cracks me up.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

It's cute. The strip's graphics do seem uninspired but the style is strong.

The strip you referred to in the URL is kinda droll, but I'm reading through the "basic training" and the writing there is quite witty indeed.