28 April 2006

[or_politics] Obscene Campaign Mail

Yet another astroturf-y organization promses to tell the the truth about a ScArY Democratic state representative. Chee, thanks.

Over the next few weeks, some proud organziation calledin itself "Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC" will be polluting my snailmail box with negative campaign ads about Rep. Jeff Merkley, who's my state rep, and a pretty good fellow actually.

It's irritating. I mean, this is a reason I don't watch TV anymore. Well, there's Cheaters, but at least they're honest about what they tell stories about. They show me the tapes and I decide.

This week's tissue is all about how Jeff was all for new taxes (cue Theremin). This is the same idiot BS I've been made to listen to since the 1980's. Rating Jeff against a bunch of issues in which he was for new taxes, he's compared to this person called Voters, who was against them each and every time (big surprise there). Apparently they'll think I'll jump away from them without looking into the issues.

Well, actually, here's a surprise: I'm not going to be looking into these issues. I'm not going to be paying attention the the claims of "Taxpayer Association of Oregon" (if I'm an Oregon taxpayer, why haven't they asked me to join?). The only reason this organization is interested in mailing me this tripe is to, if not outright lie about Jeff, to distort his record just enough to make him look bad.

They also have a website called "OregonWatchdog.org", which sounds like it's on your side but really isn't. The website should rightly be called "ReadyToJumpOnAnOregonDemocratWeDon'tLike.org". I'm betting they're more likely to give any given Republican a pass while calling for the drawing and quartering of any Democrat who breathes out when they think they should be breathing in.

Or the outright stoning of any Democrat. Period.

You think I should be fair? You think I should give the claims a chance by looking into them? Why? Why should I give thugs and people who lie equal time?

I'm an Oregon Voter, the actual real thing, who has been paying attention to politics for longer than I ought to. There's no such thing in this state, or anywhere, as a conservative actually trying for an honest debate with a liberal. What does happen is that the liberal tries to take care of business and the conservative tries to destroy them in place.

Like the President said: "Fool me...can't get fooled again".

I see you guys coming a mile down the road.

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