29 April 2006

[design] QuarkXPress Shortcut Refresher

All Quarksters know...or ought to know...that, like knowing palettes in InDesign, the true secret to amping up your productivity in QuarkXPress is knowing where the keyboard shortcuts are. Even with more functions going to palettes in the upcoming version 7, knowledge of keyboard shortcuts are in XPress are your Swiss Army Knife, enableing you to MacGyver your way through your layout.

When I was trained in XPress, the first quarter of the course was spent madly memorizing them. They pay off every time I use it.

This article I stumbled on in Digit Magazine (an excerpt from the book QuarkXPress 6 Killer Tips)is a must-look if you're a regular Quarkster. All sorts of extra tips and secrets you may have heard of at one time or another, like selecting a tool with the Option key to keep it active.

But go look! It's a good one.

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