24 April 2006

[net_life] They Want Our Net

As b!x said, "Once upon a time, this was sort of a joke phrase". That was, of course, before corproations got thier hands all up in our business.

The Internet, this great network of networks, despite the flaws and and spam, still works pretty much the way it used to. Anyone can put just about anything up on the net that they want to, and anyone can come and see it, without someone getting in the way.

Well, they're busy trying to mess this up too. To big business in America, the world is just full of things they can't control yet or make money off of. And now they want to control what you see and make you pay extra to get what you really want.

In other words, if you like what isn't necessarily approved of by the big telcos or if what you like can't afford to pay extra then you get to see the world like I do...as though you were on dialup.

Grok the term network neutrality, move in with it, live with it, understand why it's important that it remain. And if you think it's just so much 'power to the people' lefty raving, let rest upon your brain the delicate fact that both Instapundit and MoveOn are in this one on the same side.

Then click the button below:

Or go to http://www.savetheinternet.com and read up.

We're for real here, people. If you don't get active on anything else, get active on this.

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