04 April 2006

[design] Setting up QuarkXPress 7 Public Beta 2

Well, I did finally get QuarkXPress 7 public beta 2 downloaded and installed. It's looking slicker than beta 1 (check the Mac OS X doc icon and the file icon illustrated).

There's one thing you must be aware of. Your copy of the public beta will likely crash when launched. If this happens, try two things:
  1. The old standby: trash preferences.
  2. If 7 won't run after this, this is because XPress needs a "Preferences" folder to exist inside the application's home folder and the installer, for some reason, does not create it. Create a folder called "Preferences" in the QuarkXPress 7.0 application folder, and it should start up just fine.
Just one other remark for now: I just lurve that new file icon (.QXP). I'm getting a strong resonance with the old Mac OS 9 .QXP file icon here. I don't know how 7 will fly once it takes off, but someone over at Quark is finally paying attention to the style.

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