27 April 2006

[net_life] Save The Internet, Update

Today a house committee voted on something called the "Markey Amendment", that is supposed to guarantee the net neutrality that preserves the net-as-we-know it...you know, the one where you can go anywhere without being diverted from or blocked away from sites and blogs that people who can spend enough don't want you to see.

The amendment was defeated, but not by the wide margin expected. This actually bodes well; once again people power closes the gap in a very measly span of time versus the long time and money you don't have that telcos have spent softening up the Congress. Save-The-Internet explains here. The battle is lost, but the war remains to be won.

Meanwhile, myDD takes an angry look at five DINOs whose loyalty to big checks from industry trumps thier stewardship of the public good and their notional commitment to thier consituents.

I've always felt that, given the reach and effect they can have on national public policy, everyone in America is a Congressmember's indirect constituent.

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