11 July 2008

[design] You Suck At Photoshop #12: Donnie Has Daddy Issues (So, No Surprise There)


It's here, you peoples: You Suck At Photoshop #12, where Donnie tells us about a tool that I didn't even know existed: Measurement Log.

Measurement Log is really cool. It looks and seems to work like a tabular display that you can simply record measurements you make with the Ruler tool. You can export it as a comma-delimited file for import into ... ah, other programs that use comma-delimited text. So there.

But Donnie Hoyle demonstrates it in his own, twarped and wisted way. Ring the bell. School's in:

And, for the LOVE OF GOD and ALL That IS HOLY, PLEASE DoN't DowNLOad RoNnIE!!!!

Also, my place as E-List Interneterati is further confirmed by a mention (my nom-de-net) by the Glorious Grace, which fairly made my day:

Grace rocks. This, I believe, can be verified scientifically.

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