05 July 2008

[liff] Stark Street: In Search of Milestones, The Wife™ Gives Her Pint


Much earlier today, The Wife™ was called to the Red Cross blood drive to donate a pint. Whilst it may not have been the smartest thing to do personally, she was a bit tired but really wanted to show up, and I wanted to be by her side. So I drove.

The blood drive location was the Tabor Heights United Metodist Church at SE 62nd and Stark. The donation was fascinating to watch (I'd never been to a blood drive before) and the personnel, in terms of service and caring, hit it out of the park.

But I did have an ulterior motive. Earlier, in this discourse, it was mentioned that a certain range of milestones placed along SE Start Street (then known as Baseline Road) was still extant in part. Circumstance has prevented me from checking some of them out. But, taking the text on the plaque at 117th and SE Stark as a guide (where the P7 milestone was) I hoped I could get a look ... and a picture (the Vivicam 3705 went along for the ride).

The church being near SE 62nd and Stark, I figured a walk to approximately 57th and Stark wouldn't be a burden. And I was right. But, sadly, though I scoured both sides of the street both ways ... no milestone could be found.

I wonder, are they hiding them?

Deducing from the plaque next to the P7 milestone (which is, it will be recalled, at 117th and Stark), and noting that milestones 4, 5, and 6 should also exist, we conclude that we should find additional milestones at or near the following intersections (remembering that 20 avenues equal one mile):

  • P6 Should be at or near 97th and Stark.

  • P5 should be at or near 77th and Stark.

  • P4 Should be at or near 57th and Stark.

I have taken side loops on my commutes to try and find them. So far, no sign of either P4, P5, or P6.

Suffice it to say that the quest continues.

And if you want to donate blood, expect just the best care from the Red Cross people. As I said, they hit it out of the park.

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