17 July 2008

[net_life, maps] Ever Wanted To Drive The Wrong Way On Water Street In Downtown Silverton?


Well, and get away with it and not hit any other cars, I mean.

Well, now you can. Google Street View comes to Silverton.

Well. Greater Salem, too.

Still not in Seattle. Sorry, Seattle.

Sadly, you can't drive up Danger Hill – you have to go either right or left on First Street at East Main. You can go past my childhood home however. It's on the right, going south on Steelhammer Road, just before the sharp right curve where it turns into Evans Valley Road NE.

Click on this link to start in (I kept try to embed the map, but Google Maps just won't work with this blog, at least, not the way I want it to).

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Anonymous said...

That's cool. I never thought about Google Street View that
way. Have you seen the Google Street View Tour de France streets?

Google Street View France

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

No, not until you point it out to me. Sweet! I feel like I got the yellow jersey!

Thanks for the reccommend!