24 July 2008

[liff] Not Every Day Is A Perfect One, Mah Peoples


Some no doubt question the wisdom of enscribing your bad days/weeks/however on a blog which, one of whose aims is, to promote oneself as a hopeful designer.

I would remind those that one of the opening themes of this chronicle were the ups and downs of a hopeful graphic desiger. Not every day is a bowl of cherries.

You've[1] never had a bad day when the world doesn't return you the love that you put into it? You've [1] never had a crappy week?

I fancy that this blog, as minor as it is, is a little more respectable if I keep it honest. Just not brutally honest (recalling Niven's 11th Law (There is a time and place for tact).  I certainly wouldn't respect myself if I wasn't tactfully honest with it.

[1] We use the editorial "you" in this case, not the personal "you".

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