05 July 2008

[modren_times] Witigonen Staff To The White Courtesy Phone Please


Via BoingBoing, source The New York Times Effect On Man, we can only be left to wonder ... can the dirigible be on the way back?

The NYTEOM article mentions a hallowed name, as a matter of fact:

In Germany, Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei, the successor to the operator of the Hindenburg, has had success with a new generation of airship it uses to transport sightseers and scientific payloads.

The trend is not entirely new. Zeppelin-Reederei carried 12,000 passengers on sightseeing tours over southern Germany last year. Aerophile, a French company that revived tethered balloons, which compete with dirigibles as carriers of passengers, advertising and scientific instruments, was founded by two young French engineers in 1993.

Yes! Zeppelin (which, as any critical mind will tell you, is not a dirigible. All Zeppelins are dirigibles, but not all dirigibles are Zeppelins, as one might have said). And, a hotlinked photo, (c) NYT and all that:

This photo is on board a Zeppelin NT ... see? Even Zeppelins are based on NT technology!

And how'd you guys like this (from the BoingBoing article)?:

Is that not beautiful? It's apparently not real (yet), it's 690 feet in the beam, has a luxury hotel on board, floats all over the place, and is called the Manned Cloud.

If we survive the next couple of decades, get ready for a new era of romantic travel.

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