18 July 2008

[net_liff] The Featured Video At MyDamnChannel, Hand Picked by ... Me!


It's Raging Bullwinkle ... pleasantly twisted, note-perfect mashup of the great Scorsese film with the sensibility of Jay Ward (NSFW or kids, folks ... the approach is full-frontal Scorsese) ... :

The story behind the honor: Yesterday afternoon, The Mighty Grace emailed me asking if I wouldn't mind choosing what went into the Big Box on the front page of MyDamnChannel today (you'll know this as something which won a number of Webbys this year with Wainy Days and You Suck at Photoshop, amongst other time-wasting treats).

Thrilled? You bet. The problem with MyDamnChannel is that there's so much there to love. What to choose? Eventually I'd winnowed by choices down to Raging Bullwinkle (in the "Carnival of Stuff" channel) and the Rumplestiltskin episode of Grace's very own Bedtime Stories. It was a tough choice. But I was so impressed with the tone-perfect take on Raging Bull and the Bullwinkle character that resulted in the Raging Bullwinkle gem and I thought it was a bit underrated ... so let that one shine.

Grace's Bedtime Stories series are righteous, though, and no mistake. If I ever get to name another video to the Big Box, then it's that one for sure.

Here, for the sake of posterity, is the screenshot of the front page of MyDamnChannel for 18 July 2008, with my very own mark upon. Tasteful, don'youthink:

Do you know why I love MyDamnChannel? It's not just because of the interesting stuff. It's not just because of the comedy, which hits it out of the park every single time. It's all that, and MDC loves me right back.

My E-List Internet celebrity can no longer be denied. Now, if more people will only link to me ...

MyDamnChannel rocks, y'alls. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a Co-Con.

Oh, and follow Grace herself through the MDC offices. Why? Because Grace told you to. You must do what Grace tells you to:

I don't care how the rest of my weekend goes, it's starting off on a good note.

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