12 July 2008

[liff] Delta Airlines: Abysinnia, Salem


On 26 Feb 2007, Salem's mayor announces, after a gap of decades, the return of commercial air service to Salem Airport. Daily flights to Salt Lake City, which seems a little strange, but there's no percentage in looking a gift horse in the mouth. Besides, Salem boosters worked awfully hard to win this.

On 12 Jun 2008 we read, via SalemPappy, that Delta's SkyWest is suspending air service to Salem Airport, after scarcely a year and a half. The contracting economy is cited as a reason.

That's life in Salem, as I recall it. Hard come, easy go.

Sorry to hear about that you guys. I remember the days when United made a daily stop in Salem. It was fun to go over to McNary Field and watch an actual commercial airliner come in. Good times.

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