31 July 2008

[teh_funnay] Do You Like Dallas? How About Space:1999?


Never have the time to watch both of them? Just watch them simulaneously ...

This is what I spent my creative time today doing. iMovie and QuickTime Pro can get quite a bit of work done, if you know how to use 'em right.

But I'm using Vimeo because YouTube will upload it, but will not play nice to it; it adds about fifty seconds to the video. Result: video out of synch with audio from the get-go. (Update: YouTube finally converted it correctly after I wrote it out of QuickTime Pro as an AVI. It is now housed at YouTube)

Anyway, watch, laugh, adore me. I do and do and do for you people!

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Anonymous said...

So thats what Dallas is like...I've never been

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Neither have I, to be honest with you.

But that's what it was like on TV during the '80s, of course ... and everything on TV is real, you know. If it wasn't, they couldn't put it on TV.


Anonymous said...

You're going along with my joke here right?
I wasn't being serious, its hard to pick up on the mood when reading, there should be more words...

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Ummm ... duh.

I'm claiming temporary insanity (failing that, temporary dumassitude) on this one.