07 March 2009

Blippity-Fling-Flang Is The New Lorem Ipsum?

1968.Blippity-Fling-Flang is a webby-bloggy thing that takes any website and turns it in to funny gibberish. This text is taken from a local blog, and Flangitized:
Tonglewooble, Blong 7, 2009: I zowee boo binggobble

Dubbaizzle blo funk oodle bla duh boo wacko "zangity"
jangle nip boo Zingle Hizzle. Yada floo duh izzle boo nizzleding.
Dubbaizzle bla zang boo zong zip bam funk flop fling

So, what are you waiting for? Get Flangitizing!

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