15 March 2009

How Do You Get A Rewrite For Street Blades?

1978.On a street-blade safari today, and I got some good ones, but none as interesting as the ones at NE 148th and SE Stark and SE 148th and NE Glisan.

Didn't I get that wrong just there? Yep. So did whoever put up the street blades.

Also, I've been remiss. In my excitement over the apparently-revised look of the standard Portland street blade, I've left out mentioning there's apparently an entire new look for the major intersections, as well. Let's look:

The difference is of a class. Instead of having one type size handle the directional and the specific and smaller one for the generic on the Street blade and one type size for all type on the Avenue blade, we have one size for the directional and generic and a larger one for the specific on all blades.

This has the distinctive characteristic, via the design concept of hierarchy, to make the specifics (the street/avenue names themselves) come up front and center. While the supporting information is now smaller, it's uniformly so, but not so very small; moreover, these signs are about 20 per cent larger than the old design, so everything is large.

Also, due to what has to be some error (or perhaps a rift in the fabric of space that happened that I missed), Northeast Glisan Street at the corner of Glendoveer Golf Course is crossed, improbably, by Southeast 148th Avenue.

Going down to 148th and Stark, in the shadow of the 7-Eleven store, we have the same anomaly:


Isn't that second one kind of artistic, what with the lining-up with the overhead wires 'n' stuff. And can you believe that iStockphoto turned me the hell down!?!?! Yes, seriously! It's unjust.

The mistake at the southwest corner of 148th and Stark was repeated over on the southeast corner as well. Just looking at the signs is kind of mind-bending.

Can the city sign shop get rewrite on this? Or, put another way ... can we fix this in "post"?

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