07 March 2009

Opening The Science Fiction Museum's Blog

1966.There can be a cool, world-class Science Fiction museum in Oregon.

Oregon has contributed towering talents to the genre: Ursula K. LeGuin, Robert Sheckley, Kate Wilhelm, Damon Knight ...

For a very long time now, a very good friend of mine named Ed who lives down in Salem has nurtured a dream. He has the most amazing collection of Science Fiction memorabilia you've ever seen. Collected over a lifetime of being an enthusiastic fan, he's assembled a collection that truly celebrates the future as seen through the past, or as we like to say, preserving yesterday's tomorrow.

Where I come in is I'm designing (or rethinking) the website. I'm starting out basic and bestowing a clean, organized appearance to it. From there, we want to take it up and out.

The website, http://www.sciencefictionmuseum.org, is in the process of being reborn. Not the entire website is redesigned ... yet, but I'm doing it on a page-by-page basis.

Don't let the newness of the site and the counts fool you. SFM has been developing for more than 10 years now. I may or may not amount to much, but I'm giving it the best push I can.

There is another site I'm shepherding, and its the blog I've opened for posting breaking information to the SFM website. It's http://thesciencefictionmuseum.blogspot.com, and an RSS feed from that is embedded in the SFM website, so we have an effective newswire going.

I really want to help Ed realize his dream. I'm giving what I can (yes, another pro bono job). But if you saw what I've seen, you'll realize it needs to be seen. If any reader of this here blog cares to visit, that'd be nifty. If you care to donate, because this is something really worth bringing to fruition, there's a donation link on the home page (which contains contact information for Ed if you'd like to send encouragement).

At the very least, if you think kindly of me, Ed, and this dream, at least help spread the word.

Ad astra per ardua, my peoples!

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cube said...

I'm a scifi fan. I'd love to see Ed's collection.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Very very fine, cube! Go on over and if you can't donate, spread the word for amongst all your friends who would similarly be inclined.

One intermediate plan I have is, since we don't have any brick-n-mortar gallery space at this time (what else do you fund-raise for, yes?) to convinced Ed to photograph some series of things and have online exhibits.

We can get people excited without having a door to open.

Follow http://thesciencefictionmuseum.blogspot.com, which is where I'm posting breaking news about the museum itself and neat SF stuff I find.