15 March 2009

The Allure of Boxed Water–Is It The Concept or the Design?

1980.This just found during a random act of clickage: a glorious package design blog called The Dieline. Which is blogrollable, to be sure.

But what caught my eye was this:

Yes, Boxed Water brand water.

I don't know what's more intriguing–the idea of putting bottled water in the classic milk carton, the spare design, or the way there's a Macintosh-style "hello" on one panel, or the name Boxed Water, which is reminiscent of a piece Steve Martin once wrote of "Folding Soup" (You can find it in the book Cruel Shoes, I do believe).

It's all quite adventurous. And while there is an environmental impact with paper cartons, to be sure, it's certainly got to be a whole lot less of a problem than that of plastic leavings. Moreover, the very packaging is its own advertisement. You're not going to soon forget that carton.

This is kind of what I mean when I talk about "painting with type".

Visit the Boxed Water website for more looks and a look at their rationale.

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