08 March 2009

Which Websites/Blogs Do I Hate The Most?

1969.The ones that have a music track ... that plays on loading, whether you're in the mood or not.

DSL is easier to get than ever, but music still consumes enough bandwidth that you're slowing the load, and on older computers, you'll notice.

Moreover, I know what I like to listen to when I'm websurfing ... I'm already listening to it (right now, I'm listening to Deutsche Welle via iTunes as part of my person German immersion program. It's amazing how much I understand ... but it call goes so fast). So, when I'm working on something and your horrid jangly geetar rawk crashes through it, it pisses me off.

Proud of your music? Great! We should all have something we should be passionate on. DONT PLAY IT AUTOMATICALLY ON LOADING OR I WILL HATE YOU. Give me a link if you want me to sample it, but don't get all hurt if I don't listen. I like what I like. It's not personal.

But if you load up and fling your music at me when I load your site and make me look all over the place for the mute button, I'll think twice about coming back to see you again.

Wow me with design. Don't puncture my eardrums with your music.

K, Thx.

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Snowbrush said...

May I use parts of this on my blog? I share your sentiments. Have you noticed that there are even some radio talk shows that have music playing in the background. Maybe they're tying to make you think you're sitting in a bar. Or maybe young people today are so used to having music in the background that it never occurs to some of them that anyone would object. The music distracts from the words because you've got the writer talking at you at the same time the singer is talking at you. Often they have a very different tempo.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...


Please, be my guest, use away! A lot of us who surf a lot on line (and write even more) do our own soundtracking, and having someone assume that since you're wanting to hear their music–loud, yet–is kind of rude actually.

And then there's my The Wife™, who likes it Quiet!.

From the performace view, it's rude, from the experience view, it sucks.